Volunteering Opportunities for College Students

ECDC welcomes Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s students who have an interest in volunteering in a variety of ways. Volunteers can participate in the ECDC program for up to 2 hours per week. All volunteer opportunities occur Monday through Friday, between 7:30am-5:30pm. Volunteering at ECDC is a great way to get experience working with and learning about young children as well as it is a wonderful addition to any resume, especially for students pursuing degrees in the fields of education, psychology, speech language pathology, sociology, social work, or nursing.

In addition, students that have volunteered with ECDC are given priority in the hiring process for both school year and summer college student positions. Please see the college student employment page for more information about part time employment opportunities for college students.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering at the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). We know that college students have limited free time and we truly are grateful that you are considering spending time with us each week helping young children learn and grow.

How would you like to help?…

Work with Children

Visit an ECDC activity room once a week to spend time with our preschoolers or kindergarteners to help with art projects, play in or outside, and read stories with the children. Pick a volunteer time that works around your class schedule.

Teacher Tasks

Visit an ECDC activity room during rest time (1:30-2:30 in most classrooms) to help teachers with tasks like cutting or preparing art materials, washing toys, or repairing torn books.

Clerical Assistance

Help the ECDC program assistants with copying, filing, and other office tasks as needed.

Share a Talent

Do you have a special talent (art, dance, music, sports)? Visit ECDC to share your talent with the children.

If you are interested in scheduling a volunteer time or have questions, please complete our volunteer inquiry form or contact Tammi Kunz at ECDC-ND (tkunzecdc@gmail.com or 574-631-3344) or Jennifer Wray at ECDC-SMC (jwray@saintmarys.edu or 574-284-4693).  We look forward to your participation!