Practicum and Course Related Experiences/Observations

ECDC happily welcomes area college sudents to complete practicum and course related experiences/observations at either ECDC site. All practicum students are required to read the College Student Handbook and to participate in an orientation, as well as to complete other requirements based upon the type of involvement and the quantity of time spent with ECDC. Typically, the ECDC classroom lead/co-lead teacher supervises and evaluates the practicum student.

Some college coursework involves a one-time observation. ECDC also accommodates these observations. Scheduling observations at ECDC for coursework can be accomplished by contacting the individuals listed below. Observations typically only occur during the following times 8:00–12:00 and 2:30–5:00.

In addition, students that have completed practicum work with ECDC are given priority in the hiring process for both school year and summer college student positions. Please see the college student employment page for more information.

If you are interested in using ECDC for your practicum experience please contact Tammi Kunz at ECDC-ND ( or 574-631-3344) or Jennifer Wray at ECDC-SMC ( or 574-284-4693).