College Student Involvement at ECDC

The ECDC programs are enriched by the involvement of college students as they provide extra hands and additional individual attention. Students from area colleges and universities are involved in the ECDC program on a weekly basis as practicum students, volunteers and/or part time employees. College students bring a great wealth of talents and support to the program as they build relationships with the children, teachers and program staff.

All college students involved with ECDC receive an orientation to ECDC’s philosophy, goals, curriculum/learning activities, licensing, accreditation and child guidance/discipline to support consistency for the children. Each activity room typically has at least one college student involved during each day. College students who are not ECDC employees always work with ECDC professional teachers while at ECDC; they are not given responsibility for a group of children or for individual children. All teachers/program staff and employed college students undergo an interview process including FBI fingerprinting, a five panel drug screen, and a physical and TB test in addition to orientation and training.

Directions to ECDC-ND – ECDC-ND is located at the corner of Bulla and Leahy Roads on the east side of the ND campus, less than 5 minutes from downtown South Bend. Bulla Road is located off of Twyckenham. Turn toward the campus (turn west) from Twyckenham onto Bulla. ECDC-ND is on the south side of Bulla – the first building on the south side of Bulla. The ECDC-ND building doors are locked so press the intercom button/round button on the black box near the front door to seek assistance when you arrive. ECDC-ND’s phone number is 574-631-3344.

Directions to ECDC-SMC – Enter the Saint Mary’s campus from 933 at the Inn at Saint Mary’s. Once you enter campus, turn right at the four way stop (first crossroad). The road curves to the left. Take the first left at Havican Lane (there is a student apartment building at the corner). Keep driving straight ahead for a short distance until you see the playground, which has a green fence. Park in front of the fence and enter through the playground gate. The ECDC-SMC building doors are locked so press the button to seek assistance when you arrive. ECDC-SMC is located in Havican Hall at Saint Mary’s College, less than 5 minutes from downtown South Bend. ECDC-SMC’s phone number is 574-284-4693.