ECDC Tuition, Fees and Tuition Policy

Tuition Rates 

  • ECDC-ND has an income based tuition schedule. ND and SMC faculty, staff and students are eligible to participate in the income based tuition schedule. ND and SMC alums and Holy Cross Order employees are not eligible for income-based tuition and pay the full tuition rate.
  • ECDC-SMC tuition is a flat rate tuition for all families regardless of affiliation.
  • For enrollment schedule options, hours, and tuition rates, see the site specific tuition schedule.


Registration Fees: Registration fees ($50 for preschool, $100 for kindergarten, $50 for summer) are due with the registration form. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Kindergarten Deposit: Once enrollment is confirmed, a nonrefundable deposit of two weeks tuition is required by June 1st to hold your child’s kindergarten spot. This deposit will be applied to your school year kindergarten tuition.

Student Activity Fees: A $60 annual student activity fee is assessed each school year on the first tuition statement for children enrolled in the 2’s, 3’s, and 3/4’s. A $120 annual student activity fee is assessed each school year on the first tuition statement for children enrolled in the 4’s, 4/5’s and Kindergarten. The summer program includes a student activity fee – $150 for all full time summer enrollment schedules and for all school-age schedules (Full Time/MWF All Day/TTH All Day); there is a $100 summer student activity fee for all part time summer preschool enrollment schedules.

Late Pick Up Fees: ECDC is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Punctuality in picking children up before the Center closes is imperative. A $15 late fee per child per fifteen minutes will be assessed to parents picking children up after the Center closes.

Financial Assistance

ECDC does not offer any additional financial assistance beyond the income based tuition schedule at ECDC-ND for ND/SMC employees and students. Indiana does have two programs to assist families with preschool tuition. Both ECDC-SMC and ECDC-ND accept Child Care Voucher (a financial assistance program for families with financial need) and On My Way Pre-K (for children 4 years old by August 1st and enrolled full time or M-F half days with financial need) from qualifying families. If you have questions about financial assistance programs, contact Kari Alford at

Tuition Policy

Tuition is billed each semester for the full semester (fall, spring, summer). Parents may pay for the full semester at the beginning of the semester or may choose one of ECDC’s payment plan options. Tuition includes eight holidays throughout the school year and summer (3 days for Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2 days for Spring Break, Memorial Day, and 4th of July). Parents are not billed for tuition during our two week winter break, the two days between our school year program and summer program, or the two weeks we are closed in August prior to the start of the school year program.

Parents may, from time to time, have difficulty making tuition payments due to unforeseen financial circumstances. If a parent(s) finds that he/she is unable to remit tuition payments when due, the parent(s) must promptly notify ECDC’s Finance Director so that an agreement for the payment of past due tuition can be arranged. Failure to notify ECDC’s Finance Director or to comply with the payment agreement within one month of the date a tuition payment was due will jeopardize a child’s continued enrollment at ECDC. Please note: ECDC is an Indiana Nonprofit Corporation completely separate from the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. ECDC is dependent upon tuition to meet financial obligations (e.g., payroll, food costs).

ECDC’s Tax ID Number: 35-1188922

If you need a copy of your tuition payments for tax purposes, follow these quick and easy steps:

  • log into your account
  • click on reports
  • choose “customer statement” and run report
  • choose “last year” (or manually select the dates you want to print) – Remember, ECDC bills January tuition in December so it may be helpful to include December of the previous year in the date range so you see the amount that was billed for spring semester.
  • run report