ECDC Summer Program

Both ECDC program sites offer a nine week Summer Day Camp for children up to age 10 that focuses on recreational and creative experiences. The summer activities are many and varied, depending on the age group of the children. Many activities take place outside, including creating, discovering, running, jumping, building, painting, digging, exploring, singing, listening, pretending, and learning about ourselves and the world in which we live. The Summer Day Camp program is based upon children learning through moving, experiencing and doing.

Schedule Options:
A variety of 2, 3 or 5-day full day and half day schedules are available for preschool age children. There are three enrollment schedule options for school age children – MWF all day, TTH all day or Full Time (M–F all day). Regardless of the schedule, children enjoy varied summer day camp activities.

Families enroll for the full nine week program – partial summer enrollment is not available. Parents are responsible for the entire ECDC Summer Day Camp tuition whether or not the child attends the entire ECDC Summer Day Camp program.

Summer Day Camp Program Activities:
Arts and crafts emphasizing creativity, exploration and expression are daily activities. Special activities include soccer shots, yoga, zumba, cardio drumming, sports fun, Art and a Book, picnic snacks, walking trips on campus and more for our school age groups. Storytelling, Gymnasts in Motion, nature activities, art, music, creative dramatics, recreational games, gardening, Spanish, and more are favorite activities for our preschoolers. During the summer, each class also has a topic they study in depth.