Our Two Year Old Classroom at ECDC-ND

The 2’s room is a small community of 15 children and 3 or 4 teachers. Children must be 2 years old by September 1st to enroll in the school year program. During the summer program, our classroom is nicknamed the Roly Polies and children must be 2 1/2 years old by June 1st.


We work on many things together throughout the year. Socialization, language development and vocabulary, gaining independence, learning the routines within our activity room, learning about the world around us, and toilet training are a few of the things we are constantly working on as we explore and learn together. Within each study that we plan and implement, we plan a variety of activities that encourage social, emotional, creative, physical, and cognitive development.

Young children learn best through exploration and play. Therefore, we are always active and busy throughout the day! We offer a variety of activities on a daily basis during both the morning and afternoon programs. These activities include: free choice play time, art, large group time, small group activities as well as gross motor. During free choice time, children can choose activities from throughout the room in which they are interested in participating. Within the room, we offer a quiet area where books and duplos are available, a block area, a manipulative area, a dramatic play area and a science area. Teachers plan daily activities that focus on language/literacy development, math and science, fine and gross motor, and social emotional skills. See the 2’s room daily schedule here.

Parent Communication:
We know that young children are not always verbal about what they are doing/have done. And, if they are verbal, their information is not always the most reliable. We communicate with parents in multiple ways to ensure you know important information about your child’s day. Each day you will receive a daily information sheet from the teachers containing the following information: who/what your child played with, toileting/diapering information, what your child ate and when/if your child slept (if applicable). In addition to written information, we also try to touch base with each family verbally on a daily basis. Our activities related to our project (stories, art, etc.) that were offered on any given day will be listed in our Daily Communication email. You will receive this email every day that your child is scheduled to attend ECDC.

Preschool Brochure