Summer Day Camp Program Activities

The summer activities are many and varied, depending on the age group of the children. Many activities take place outside, including creating, discovering, running, jumping, building, painting, digging, exploring, singing, listening, pretending, and learning about ourselves and the world in which we live. The Day Camp program is based upon children learning through moving, experiencing and doing. Arts and crafts emphasizing creativity, exploration and expression are daily activities.

Special Activities for the 4/5s, 5/6s, 6/7s and 8/9/10s: soccer, yoga, tennis (5/6s – 8/9/10s), creative dramatics, storytelling, sports fun, gardening, Art and a Book, picnic snacks, walking trips on campus and more.

Special On-Site Activities for the 2/3s, 3s, 3/4s and 4s: storytelling, puppetry, Gymnasts in Motion, campus nature walks, nature activities, art, music, creative dramatics, recreational games, gardening, Spanish, and more.

In-Depth Summer Studies:
During the summer, each class has a topic they study in depth.


  • the 2/3’s study is “Colorful Days of Summer”
  • the 3’s study is “Storybook Adventures in Our Backyard”
  • the 3/4’s study is “The Wonders of Gardens & Insects”
  • the 4/5’s study is “Songs & Rhythms from Near & Far”
  • the 5/6’s rotate between “The Wonders of Animals” (odd years) and “WOW: We Observe Water” (even years)
  • the 6/7’s rotate between “Eco-Explorations” (odd years) and “Global Explorations” (even years)
  • the 8/9/10’s have a three year rotation – “Summer Storytellers: Exploring the Art of Storytelling” (2021), “Art and Architecture” (2022), and “Super Citizens” (2023)


  • the 3/4’s study is “Once Upon a Time: Storybook Adventures”
  • the 4/5’s rotate between “Nature Detectives” (odd years) and “The Wonders of Animals” (even years)
  • the 5/6’s rotate between “WOW: We Observe Water” (odd years) and “Out the Door, Let’s Explore!” (even years)
  • the 7/8/9’s have a three year rotation – “Around the World/Olympics (during Olympic years)” (2021), “Wonders of the World” (2022), and “Artful Antics” (2023)

Parents are responsible for the entire ECDC Summer Day Camp tuition whether or not the child attends the entire ECDC Summer Day Camp program.

The Early Childhood Development Center admits students of any race, color, religion, gender, and national or ethnic origin.

ECDC Summer Day Camp Program Parent Guidelines

  1. To meet licensing requirements, it is necessary that the following forms be completed by the first day of day camp: Registration Form, Physical Examination with current immunizations, Medical Release, Emergency Information, General Information Form, Birth Certificate, Waiver and Release Agreement.
  2. ECDC is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Punctuality in picking children up before the Center closes is imperative. A $15 late fee per child per fifteen minutes will be assessed to parents picking children up after the Center closes.
  3. Parents are required to keep children home when fever, vomiting, diarrhea, undetermined rash, hacking cough or sore throat occur. A child may return to school after he/she is symptom based on ECDC’s ill child policy guidelines and able to participate in a group setting. Parents are required to keep children home when diagnosed with strep throat, conjunctivitis/pink eye, chicken pox, hand foot mouth disease, fifth disease, impetigo or staph infection until no longer contagious as determined by child’s health care provider, CDC, or American Academy of Pediatrics’ Guidelines for Managing Infections Diseases in Child Care and Schools.If a child is too sick to participate in outside activities while at the center, the child is too sick to attend. Parents are asked to contact the ECDC office when their child is absent due to illness.
  4. When absenteeism occurs, parents are charged for the day(s) due to the enrollment slot being reserved by their child. Parents are responsible for the entire summer tuition whether or not the child attends the entire summer program.
  5. Parents are asked to sign children “in” and “out” daily.
  6. Medication may be given only upon written authorization from a physician. Medications must be in the original container bearing the original label with the prescription number, date, physician’s name, directions for use and the child’s name.
  7. Please dress children in clothing that will not be a hindrance in outside activities and that is child manageable. Children should wear tennis shoes, please no sandals, clogs or flip-flops.
  8. In the event of extreme weather or facility emergency, notification of the Center’s closing will be announced on WNDU radio and television stations.  ECDC will also contact families via text message, email, and posts on the ECDC Facebook page. When the Center is closed due to an emergency, tuition is not refunded or credited due to ongoing expenses.

Parents withdrawing or reducing a child’s summer enrollment schedule after April 15, will be responsible and liable for the entire summer tuition whether or not the child attends the entire ECDC Summer Day Camp program or until another child is enrolled to fill the vacated or reduced summer enrollment schedule.