Curriculum, Enrichment and Important Info


Children are engaged in developmentally appropriate integrated learning experiences as they explore their world. Children use a variety of materials including paint, blocks, dramatic play props, puzzles and manipulatives and books to investigate topics of interest. Units of study include family and self, food and nutrition, multicultural music, water, transportation, community helpers, animals, forests and gardens, and authors and illustrators. Literacy learning is a vital part of each study as children participate in storytime, bookmaking, drawing and painting, songs, fingerplays, and group discussions about each study. Skills from all academic subject areas – math, science, social studies, music, creative movement and fine arts are integrated within each study.

Enrichment Activities

During the School Year, ECDC provides several optional enrichment programs: Gymnastics, Creative Movement/Dance, and Ice Skating (4’s, 4/5’s, and Kindergarten). In addition, speech/language and hearing screenings are offered. Individual and Class Photos are also taken each fall.

During the ECDC Summer Day Camp Program, enrichment activities for older preschoolers and school age children (4/5’s, 5/6’s and 6 – 10) include tennis, soccer, yoga, arts and crafts, creative dramatics, gardening, walking trips throughout campus and more. The younger preschoolers (2/3’s, 3’s, and 3/4’s) enjoy many enrichment activities including intro to soccer, creative dramatics, gardening, Gymnasts in Motion, intro to Spanish using popular children’s literature, yoga, storytelling, naturalist and zoologists visits to ECDC sharing delightful information and experiences, sing-alongs and much more.

Important Information

  1. The following forms must be submitted by the first day of school: Registration, Physical Examination (new children & K children) with current immunizations, Medical Release, Emergency Telephone Numbers, General Information, Birth Certificate, Waiver and Release Agreement, and Tuition Agreement.
  2. ECDC is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Punctuality in picking children up before the center closes is imperative. A $15 late fee, per each 15 minutes, per child, will be assessed to parents picking children up after the center closes.
  3. Parents are required to keep children home when fever, vomiting, diarrhea, undetermined rash, hacking cough and/or sore throat occur. A child may return to school after he/she is symptom free based on ECDC’s ill child policy guidelines and able to participate in a group setting. Parents are required to keep children home when diagnosed with strep throat, conjunctivitis/pink eye, chicken pox, hand foot mouth disease, fifth disease, impetigo or staph infection until no longer contagious as determined by child’s health care provider, CDC, or American Academy of Pediatrics’ Guidelines for Managing Infections Diseases in Child Care and Schools.  If a child is too sick to participate in outside play activities while at the center, the child is too sick to attend. Parents are requested to contact the ECDC office when their child is absent due to illness.
  4. Parents are required to sign children “in” and “out” daily.
  5. When absenteeism occurs, parents are charged for the day(s) due to the slot being reserved for their child.
  6. Medication may be given only upon written authorization from a physician. Medications must be in the original container bearing the original label with prescription number, date, physician’s name, directions for use and the child’s name.
  7. Please dress children in clothing that is child manageable and will not be a hindrance in play activities.
  8. In the event of excessive snow, notification of the Center’s closing will be announced on WNDU radio and television stations. ECDC also contacts families about weather and/or facility emergencies using a text messaging system.  When the Center is closed due to weather and/or facility emergency, tuition is not refunded or credited due to ongoing expenses.
  9. Parent involvement
    • Open Door Policy for Parents
    • Daily Communication emails from teachers
    • Daily Individual Communication sheets for children in the 2’s
    • Parent Meetings
    • Parent Visit Days during ND/SMC fall break
    • Parent Assistance on Field Trips
    • End of the year Family Picnic Lunch
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Parent Enrichment Seminars
    • Two Parents representing each center elected to the Board of Directors
  10. Parents withdrawing or reducing a child’s enrollment schedule on or after May 1 for Preschool or Kindergarten are responsible and liable for the payment of the full tuition of their original enrollment schedule through the month of December or until another child is enrolled to fill the vacated or reduced enrollment schedule. After January 1, two weeks notice is required when withdrawing or reducing a child’s schedule. When two weeks notification is not received, two weeks tuition will be assessed.
  11. Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November/December and March/April. Parents wishing to meet with their child’s teacher at other times may request a conference; it will be scheduled at a time convenient for the parents, teacher, and the program.

I wish all children had access to the quality of care that ECDC provides. Not only did I feel that my children were being extraordinarily nurtured in their time at ECDC, but I also feel that I was educated as a parent. The teachers set an example of best practice in caring for young children that translated into the home and helped me raise secure and confident children. My only wish is that ECDC would expand into elementary school and that this type of quality care and education could continue beyond the pre-school years.  —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-SMC & ECDC-ND