ECDC-SMC Tuition Schedule

Early Childhood Development Center at Saint Mary’s College 2022-23 School Year and 2023 Summer Tuition Schedule

The ECDC-SMC program operates with a flat rate tuition schedule that is applicable for all ECDC-SMC age groups during the school year and the summer program. Listed below is the 2022-23 school year and 2023 summer tuition schedule at ECDC-SMC. Tuition includes eight holidays throughout the school year and summer (3 days for Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, 2 days for Spring Break, Memorial Day, and 4th of July). Parents are not billed for tuition during our two week winter break, the two days between our school year program and summer program, or the week we are closed in August for professional development.

Future tuition – The 2023-24 school year tuition schedule and 2024 summer tuition will be distributed to parents during the summer of 2023. Historically, tuition fee increases have ranged from 3% – 5% annually.

IMPORTANT – During the summer day camp program, three full day schedules are available for school age children (children who have completed kindergarten and older): M-F all day, MWF all day, TTH all day.

 Enrollment Schedules
 Weekly Tuition
Whole-Day Schedule*
Full Time: 7:00-5:30* M-F (includes lunch) $219
7:00-5:30* MWF (includes lunch) $168
7:00-5:30* TTH (includes lunch) $119
Morning and Afternoon Schedules:
7:00-11:45 or 12:45-5:30 M-F (no lunch) $119
7:00-12:45 or 11:45-5:30 M-F (includes lunch) $160
7:00-11:45 or 12:45-5:30 MWF (no lunch) $83
7:00-12:45 or 11:45-5:30 MWF (includes lunch) $103
7:00-11:45 or 12:45-5:30 TTH (no lunch) $59
7:00-12:45 or 11:45-5:30 TTH (includes lunch) $74
 * Maximum 10 hours per day