How to enroll your child at ECDC

Step 1 – Download Registration Form:
In November, ECDC posts registration forms for the upcoming School Year and Summer program on our website.

Step 2 –  Schedule a Tour (optional):
ECDC hosts “Walk Through Wednesdays” on Wednesday mornings at our two ECDC program sites during January and February. Please call an ECDC office or click here to arrange a tour.

Step 3 – Submit Registration Form:
Submit your registration form with registration fee in person or by mail to either ECDC office.  Due dates are…

  • Kindergarten School Year registration – January 15th
  • Summer registration – February 1st
  • Preschool School Year registration – February 15th

*Registration forms are accepted after the above due dates on a first come first served roll-in basis (more information below).

Step 4 – Check Your Email:  Families are notified by email of enrollment or wait list status within 1 month of the registration due date, and our goal is notification within 3 weeks.

Enrolling After the Registration Due Date

Registration Forms are accepted on a first come first served roll-in basis after the initial registration due dates have passed.  Contact an ECDC office to inquire about current enrollment openings or submit your registration form and we will contact you.

Registration Forms and Fees

Registration fees can be paid by check or cash. Checks should be made payable to ECDC. If submitting cash, please submit your registration form to an ECDC office and you will be provided with a receipt. ECDC does not accept credit or debit cards for registration fee payments.

Registration and enrollment forms can be submitted in 1 of 3 ways –

  1. Campus Mail
  2. Postal Mail
  3. Drop by either ECDC program site between 7:45am – 5:15pm M – F.

Mailing Addresses:

Saint Mary’s College
Havican Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

University of Notre Dame
10 Child Care Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Enrollment Confirmation and Waiting List Process 

Families receive either a confirmation of enrollment letter via email or a waiting list letter via email within one month of the initial registration due date.  Parents with children on the wait list are notified promptly via email when an enrollment opening occurs for their child.

New or Returning Family Registration Forms

Print, complete and submit one registration form for each child with the required registration fee to an ECDC office. 

School Year Registration

Summer Program Registration

Current Family Registration Form

Print, complete and submit one registration form for each child with the required registration fee to an ECDC office by January 15th.