Enrollment Forms to be Completed Following the Registration Process

(required by the State of Indiana and NAEYC Accreditation)

Once a family receives a confirmation of enrollment letter via email, the following forms are due to ECDC as follows – Summer Enrollment Forms are due May 1st, School Year Enrollment Forms are due July 15th.  Please print, complete and submit the enrollment forms to the ECDC office by the required due date:

Summer Enrollment Forms (due May 1st)

School Year Enrollment Forms (due July 15th)

Currently Enrolled Child – Enrollment Forms to be Updated Annually (due May 1st for Summer, July 15th for School Year)

A “currently enrolled child” is a child that is enrolled in the current school year and is completing enrollment forms for a future program.

Miscellaneous Forms (for families who have received a friendly reminder about specific forms, all forms except the physical must be submitted prior to the child’s first day with ECDC):


Please note: A child cannot begin the ECDC program unless all of the required forms have been completed and are on file in the ECDC office.

Important Information

  • ECDC FAMILY HANDBOOK – Please review prior to submitting your enrollment forms. Please note: current COVID-19 policies & procedures override the parent handbook until further notice.
  • Summer Enrollment Forms are due May 1st
  • School Year Enrollment forms are due July 15th
  • ECDC-ND program only – Income Documentation Form is due May 1st for the summer program and July 15th for the school year program.