Summer 7/8/9/10’s Group

Pathfinders – ECDC-ND Summer 8/9/10’s

In-Depth Summer Studies – 

During the summer, each class has a topic they study in depth. The 8/9/10’s have a three year rotation – “Summer Storytellers: Exploring the Art of Storytelling” (2021), “Art and Architecture” (2022), and “Super Citizens” (2023).

“Summer Storytellers: Exploring the Art of Storytelling” (2021) –
We will explore the art of storytelling through an active investigation of the historical and contemporary ways people share stories to express their ideas and feelings. We will begin by sharing our favorite stories as very young children and as school-agers, and determine the important elements of a good story. We will then study many forms of storytelling, including, folktales, narrative poems, ballads, autobiographies, plays, the graphic novel, video, and film. We will explore these ways of storytelling through shared reading and writing, art projects and discussions.  The campers will work together to create stories to share with the ECDC community.

“Art and Architecture”  (2022) – 

We have created a dynamic S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) study for our school age campers. The campers will investigate art and architecture in our local community and throughout history through hands-on activities and experiences. Our study will invite the campers to learn about the columns and arches of Classical Architecture and the steel and concrete skyscrapers of Modern Architecture. We will investigate significant buildings in South Bend and on the Notre Dame campus.  Creative and critical thinking skills will be used as the campers explore, design and construct spaces and places that reflect the lives of the people who use them.

“Super Citizens” (2023) –

Our summer study “Super Citizens” will invite the children to think critically about the role of superheroes in popular culture as we work together to create a cast of superhero characters who embody the values of ECDC for the younger children in our camp community. Beginning with an examination of the qualities of heroes and heroines in our own lives and history, the children will explore traits, actions and representations associated with heroes/heroines. We will then investigate the idea of the superhero through comics, books, toys and the children’s experiences. The campers will have the opportunity to reflect on the positive and negative impact of superhero play for young children and ponder the question, “What does it mean to be super-powered in our ECDC community?” Based on their research, the children will create a special cast of ECDC superheroes, a group of characters who have the power to teach young children how to be super citizens at ECDC.

Summer Special Activities –

This summer the children will have many fun activities to experience. During ECDC-ND summer camp, we will be very busy in our classroom, on the playground, and in the meadow enjoying Soccer Shots, Art and a Book, creative dramatics, sports fun, picnic snacks, and so much more! It is going to be a great summer! Special activities are evenly divided, as best they can be, across the various part time enrollment schedules. Children enrolled full time participate in all of the special activities. Children enrolled with part time schedules participate in a selection of special activities (e.g., MWF all day schedules have approx. 3/5ths of the activities and TTH all day schedules have approx. 2/5ths of the activities). When unexpected changes occur, you will receive notification via email. Whenever possible a cancelled special activity will be rescheduled.

Electronic Calendars of Summer Special Activities/Events –

ECDC families will be able to access their child’s calendar of special events/field trips via the “Classroom Resources” section of their classroom’s page on the ECDC website.  Activities for upcoming weeks are added to calendars as quickly as possible. When special activities have been finalized and calendars are updated, we let families know in the daily communication.

Classroom Resources

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