What our families say about their experiences at ECDC…

“ECDC is such a wonderful school!”
    —Parents of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND

“ECDC has been a blessing for each of our four daughters. They have felt loved by their teachers and have been stimulated by the curriculum. Our family feels fortunate to be part of the ECDC community.”
    —Parents of 4 children who attend ECDC-ND

“I love that our kids get such a consistent message about healthy food – I always know they are eating well at ECDC and enjoying it! Even birthday treats are healthy, and I really appreciate that. Our kids’ teachers are highly trained and extremely thoughtful and kind. They are always looking for ways to support kids in developing their social skills and forming new friendships. The bike trail is beloved by all my kids – they get a ton of exercise and get to work on their bicycle and tricycle riding skills. They always have a huge smile as they race around the trail. I have seen all my kids develop as independent learners at ECDC. They are encouraged to be curious and to experiment and find things out on their own. My kids have become friends with kids from (literally) dozens of countries at ECDC. It has been so great to watch their understanding of the different languages and cultures people have develop. There is so much respect and support in the classroom for kids who are currently learning English.There is a fantastic commitment to hand-washing and general cleanliness (even though it takes time and effort) which has helped my kids stay healthy!”
    —Parents of 4 children who attend/attended ECDC-ND

“ECDC has exceeded all of our expectations by being so much more than an educational institution, but a community which celebrates childhood and supports families. From ECDC’s experienced and capable administrators to the talented and dedicated teachers to the committed and caring support staff and volunteers, we are so grateful for the crucial role ECDC has played in nurturing not only our daughter’s growth, but that of our entire family.”
    —Parents of 2 children who attend ECDC-SMC

“We are thrilled that our child gets to spend her early school years with all of you.”
    —Parent of ECDC-ND child

“ECDC is a wonderful place for kids! We have been thrilled to be a part of the ECDC-family for over 10 years. When asking our now 7-year-old what his favorite month of the year is he said, “June/July when I get to go to ECDC for the summer!” The activities, field trips, learning opportunities, and amazing teachers have been a key part of our children’s growth. We highly recommend it to all of our friends.”
    —Parents of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND and ECDC-SMC

“As a parent of two ECDC children, I see the unique advantage of its connection institutions of higher education: they embrace of research-based methods of learning through play, music, movement, and joyful exploration, along with a focus on emotional intelligence and child-driven problem-solving. This program-wide philosophy of preschool education has produced real and lasting positive effects in my children, and for that I am so grateful.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND and ECDC-SMC

“Bringing my children to ECDC for both the school year and summer program was always very comforting. I knew that the teachers were very supportive and well educated in the social and emotional needs of children. We sometimes call our ECDC days “the good old days”. Those years were fun and predictable, which is so helpful for early brain development. We miss the family feeling that being apart of that community has to offer.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND and ECDC-SMC

“We had two children that attended ECDC from 2 through kindergarten and it was a remarkable experience. The variety of experiences offered was stimulating and enriching. Our children continued with the summer program until they aged out and we are very grateful for the impact ECDC had on their lives and on our family.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND and ECDC-SMC

“As parents, the most important thing for us to be able to say is that we have never, ever, worried about our children while they were in ECDC’s care. We really do believe that children are able to reap such huge developmental benefits at ECDC because they are so comfortable there. Their comfort is a product of the attentive, stimulating, and dependable environment the staff continues to create.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND and ECDC-SMC

“The “Learn to Ice Skate” program at the ND Compton Family Ice Skating Arena was such a joy. She (our daughter) was sad about skating ending, but we told her that we will have to go as a family and she can learn more skills. :)”
    —Parent of 4 children who attend ECDC-ND and ECDC-SMC

“Over the past three years we have watched our eldest son flourish at ECDC-ND. In this time we have seen growth in his self-confidence, communication skills, and conflict resolution abilities. Much of this we attribute to his time at ECDC-ND and their focus on the well being of the whole child. We love that our son has spent these years discovering through play and believe that this time has set him on a life-long path to love learning. We are excited that our youngest will soon begin his journey with ECDC-ND!”
    —Parents of 1 child who attends ECDC-ND and another who will begin soon at ECDC-ND

“ECDC provided a wonderful and welcoming environment for both of our children. After a rocky move to the area, it has been the educational institution where they’ve both felt most at home, in fall, winter, spring….and summer. The teachers have appreciated our children for all their strengths and foibles, and have both challenged them intellectually and gently guided them socially and emotionally.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND

“We believe ECDC exemplifies excellence in Early Childhood Education. The teachers and staff are talented and dedicated to working with young children and their families. At ECDC, our children are engaged and thrive in the curriculum that fosters all areas of child development: cognitive, emotional, language, physical, and social. They truly have a love for learning! We are forever grateful for our time as members of the ECDC community!”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-ND

“We believe ECDC exemplifies excellence in Early Childhood Education. The teachers and staff are talented “I wish all children had access to the quality of care that ECDC provides. Not only did I feel that my children were being extraordinarily nurtured in their time at ECDC, but I also feel that I was educated as a parent. The teachers set an example of best practice in caring for young children that translated into the home and helped me raise secure and confident children. My only wish is that ECDC would expand into elementary school and that this type of quality care and education could continue beyond the pre-school years.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attend ECDC-SMC & ECDC-ND

“ECDC has been a gift to our family. We will always be grateful for the amazing staff and program. My children have grown so much through their experiences in preschool, kindergarten, and summer camp. When I tell people all of the experiences that my children have had (ice skating, swimming lessons, dance, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, music, etc.), they are always amazed at the delightful and diverse list.”
    —Parent of 2 children who attended ECDC-SMC

“Our two children and our granddaughter attended ECDC. Our two children attended in the 1980s and our granddaughter in the 2000s. During both times, ECDC was a home away from home with caring and nurturing teachers who understood how young children grow, develop and learn. Our children and granddaughter thrived at ECDC and adored everything offered from Dance with Miss Bonnie to field trips in the community and all the special visitors (e.g., symphony, zoo keepers, naturalists). They learned so much about the world around them and loved learning at ECDC.”
    —Parents of 2 children & 1 granddaughter who attended ECDC-SMC