College Student School Year Employment

School Year Employment of College Students
The Early Childhood Development Center at Notre Dame (ECDC-ND) and Saint Mary’s College (ECDC-SMC) hire college students interested in working part time with children ages 2-Kindergarten during the school year.  ECDC hires college students to be part time temporary seasonal employees during the school year; they typically are scheduled between 4 and 10 hours per week. College Student Teacher Assistants work alongside the professional teachers supporting classroom activities and arrival/departure/lunch times of the day, as well as early, late day and rest times.

Individuals interested in working at ECDC should be open minded, enjoy working with children, have a positive spirit and attitude, be flexible, playful, positive, responsible and dependable.  Experience working with children is a plus. Many of our college student employees are pursuing degrees in education or related fields, such as nursing, psychology, sociology, social work, speech & language pathology, or communicative disorders. Students who have volunteered or completed practicum work with ECDC are given priority in the hiring process for both school year and summer college student positions.

Application Process: To apply, please submit an employment application and three letters of recommendation to Jennifer Wray ( 284-4693) at ECDC-SMC or Tammi Kunz ( 631-3344) at ECDC-ND.

Fall Semester 2022 Employment Availability Form for ECDC-SMC
Fall Semester 2022 Employment Availability Form for ECDC-ND

Fall Break, Winter and Spring Break Employment of College Students

During fall and spring break, ECDC hires college students to work in classrooms in the position of teacher assistants helping with the program (e.g., assisting teachers and children with classroom activities, supervising outside, reading to children, playing games and assisting with lunch). The ECDC children adore the college student involvement in the classrooms as they provide extra attention, extra hands, extra laps and extra smiles. Due to licensing requirements, college students must get a physical, TB test, drug screen and criminal history check via fingerprinting. ECDC pays for all of these requirements and assists with the process of helping you obtain them. Spring break full time and part time college student teacher assistant positions are available. For more information call ECDC-ND at 574-631-3344 or ECDC-SMC at 574-284-4693 or email If you can’t go to warmer weather for your break – this is a great experience!


College Student Summer Employment

2022 Summer Employment of College Students (May 31 – August 6)

During the Summer Program (typically beginning in early June and ending the second week of August), the Early Childhood Development Center at Saint Mary’s College (ECDC-SMC) and the University of Notre Dame (ECDC-ND) hire college students to work full time as temporary seasonal employees.  (Some part time summer positions are available.) All college student summer employees must be available for the entire time period of early June through, and including, the first week of August.

College students who join the ECDC team for the Summer Program work with degreed ECDC teachers and staff to provide project based and recreational activities in the ECDC classrooms, in the ECDC outdoor environments, and in the greater Michiana community.  College students participate with the children and teachers in a variety of in-house presentations (e.g., soccer, tennis, music, art, gardening) as well as off-site field trips for children ages 4-10 (e.g., zoo, museums, gardens, parks/nature centers, swimming lessons).

Application and Interview Process:
To apply, please complete the employment application and submit 3 letters/emails of recommendation from past employers or professors.  Interviews with the most qualified summer applicants will be scheduled for March and April.  It is helpful if application materials are submitted by March 1st, however, we will accept applicant materials on a roll in basis throughout spring semester.  College students who have volunteered or completed practicum work with ECDC are given priority in the hiring process for both school year and summer college student positions.  Call ECDC if you would like to schedule a time to volunteer for 1.5 or 2 hours per week.

Wages: Starting pay is between $12-$14/hour based on experience and there is an opportunity to work earlier in May, extended time in August, and also to continue working part-time in the fall.

Areas of Expertise:

We are also looking for college students who might be interested in teaching Spanish, Tennis or Gardening to groups of our children.  If you have this special interest, please indicate such on your employment application.

Summer employment with ECDC has many benefits, including:

  • work with delightful young children ages 2.5-10,
  • engage in fun, recreational, and educational activities with young children
  • work in a NAEYC accredited, nonprofit early childhood program with experienced, professional teachers
  • participate in in-house presentations, such as storytelling, soccer, tennis, music, art, and nature
  • work the same hours each week (Monday – Friday)
  • increase your understanding of child development and your skill level with children
  • develop a great resume builder, especially for education, psychology, speech pathology, and nursing majors

Application Process: To apply for a summer position, please submit an employment application and three letters of recommendation  to Kari Alford ( 631-3344).


Important Information

“ECDC has allowed me to be a kid again. Although, I am working I am also engaged in all that the children are doing and I find myself coloring, finger painting, building, and reading my favorite childhood books. I love knowing every time I walk into a classroom I will get a hug form a child. There is something to be said about building relationships and sharing connections with children, they really do provide me with the most joy. ECDC is more than a child care facility it is a place were learning, growth, and memories are created not only for children but for myself also. When I graduate this Spring and think about my experience at Saint Mary’s I will always think about ECDC and all that it has taught me. Entering the field of Audiology, I have learned valuable techniques of how to engage with a child and how to handle situation that may arise in a professional manner. ECDC has shaped me into the professional I am today and I can not thank them enough for allowing me to be a part of their family!” — Saint Mary’s College Senior