7/8/9’s Pathfinders

In-Depth Summer Studies – 

During the summer, each class has a topic they study in depth. The Pathfinders have a three year rotation – “Around the World/Summer Olympics” (2021), “Imagine, Invent, & Inspire: Architecture and STEM” (2022), and “Artful Antics” (2023).

“Around the World/Summer Olympics (during Olympics years)” (2021) –
During this Olympic Year, the Summer Campers will delve into the Olympic Games and many different countries and their culture and traditions. Summer Campers will recreate art from around the world, participate in hands-on activities geared towards the Summer Games and journey to different lands through books and stories.

“Wonders of the World” (2022) –
Summer Campers will examine, celebrate and share a sense of wonder for man-made structures such as monuments, memorials, towers, buildings and bridges from around the world, some of which include The Great Wall of China, Petra, Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower.

“Artful Antics” (2023) –
Artful Antics is the exploration of art and nature through famous artists, some of which include: Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jim Dine and Jackson Pollock. Summer Campers will recreate and put their own creative spin on works of art from these artists. They will also express their creativity through original artwork by experimenting with many different art techniques and art mediums.

Summer Special Activities –
This summer the children will have many fun activities to experience. During ECDC-SMC summer camp, we will be very busy in our classroom, in the meadow and around the campus enjoying yoga, soccer, nature walks, picnic lunches, and so much more! It is going to be a great summer! Special activities are evenly divided, as best they can be, across the various part time enrollment schedules. Children enrolled full time participate with all of the special activities. Children enrolled with part time schedules participate in a selection of special activities (e.g., MWF all day schedules have approx. 3/5’s of the activities and TTH all day schedules have approx. 2/5’s of the activities). When unexpected changes occur, you will receive notification via email. Whenever possible, a cancelled activity will be rescheduled.

Electronic Calendars of Summer Special Activities/Events –
ECDC families will be able to access their child’s calendar of special events/field trips via the “Classroom Resources” section of their classroom’s page on the ECDC website.  Activities for upcoming weeks are added to calendars as quickly as possible. When special activities have been finalized and calendars are updated, we let families know in the daily communication.

Classroom Resources

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